FAQs for Home Try-on

  1. What is Home Try-On?
    Home Try-On is a new program which makes your shopping experience as simple and convenient as possible. You can pick up to 4 frames for Home Try-On.  You have up to 3 days to decide, then return the Home Try-On frames together with the original Home Try-On box we initially sent to you.

  2. Which styles are available for Home Try-On?
    Currently, 8 sunglasses are available for Home Try-On.  If you want to browse other styles, no worries, simply click on SHOP to view all available products on the navigation.   If you find a frame you love and it is not covered in the Home Try-On program, you can still place your order as a regular purchase as our return policy guarantees a refund or exchange within 7 days.

  3. Can I keep the Home Try-On sunglasses – why do I need to send them back?The frames we send out are sample quality and are not final production products. The Home Try-On feature is a tool to help our customers to select the perfect pair of glasses.  We provide samples only for fitting and styling purposes.  

  4. I thought Home Try-On was free – why do you need my credit card information?
    Yes, the whole process of Home Try-On is free. We also provide free shipping and returns. During the checkout, we require your credit card information as we charge the total retail value of the sunglasses as the deposit charge. Don’t worry – deposit will be fully refunded upon receiving the Home Try-on sunglasses together with the original box.

    However, if you do not return the whole box with all the Home Try-On glasses or if the returned frames are damaged, we will charge the total retail value for each outstanding or damaged frame. Value is equivalent to our retail price.
  5. How to return?
    Just a few easy steps.  First, indicate your final decision by filling in the invoice. Then, pack all your items together with the S.F. Express waybill (All information will be completed in advance for you, all you need to do is to sign on the area marked as “Shipper’s Signature”. Simply place all the Home Try-On Frames in the Home Try-On box then insert into the S.F Express return bag.  Stick the waybill on the return bag and drop off returns for free at any SF Express location.

  6. What is our return policy?
    All sunglasses together with the Home Try-On box must be returned in their original state. Please note that if your return box is not postmarked within 5 days after your box is received, we will automatically charge your credit card for the deposit.

  7. How to track my Home Try-On box?
    Once your order is received, a notification will be sent to your registered email confirming the styles and the shipping information.  Delivery takes about 2 to 3 days. For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at info@peppertint.com or drop us a note at our contact page on our website: https://www.peppertint.com/pages/contact.

  8. Where do you currently ship?
    We currently ship within Hong Kong only.

  9. I have no idea which frames to pick – can you help me?
    Choosing the right pair of frames is a way to be charming and confident. If you have a hard time choosing, no worries!  We are here to help! Go to “Home Try-On” page and take a quiz on the bottom of the page.  We will suggest some great-looking frames that suit your criteria.

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Credit Card Authorization

The total purchase price of the selected item(s) is $0.00. We need to authorize your credit card for this amount. But don’t worry! You will not be charged if you return the glasses within 3 days.